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A Behind the Scenes Look at


The Andy Griffith Show

And The REAL Mayberry

By Jake Easton
R A D O K   N E W S

Mayberry Has Moved!

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Sheldon Leonard

Did You Know?  Sheldon Leonard, executive producer for TAGS, had previously been an actor, having played the bartender in the 1946 epic, It's a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stewart.

Filming on TAGS set

Did You Know?  Filming of The Andy Griffith Show was filmed between two locations, Desilu Cahuenga studios, and Desilu Culver's Forty Acres backlot.

The only exception to this was later for the movie, Return to Mayberry that was filmed in Los Olivous, California in 1986.

Mabel Albertson - Howard Sprague's Mother

Did You Know?  Jack Albertson of Chico and the Man played Bradford J. Taylor, the phony business mogul in episode 232, Aunt Bee's Cousin.

What you may not know, is Jack's real-life sister is actress Mabel Albertson - who played Howard Sprague's mother.

Did You Know?  Andy's then-wife, Barbara Edwards Griffith played 'Sharon' in one TAGS episode. (#116, The Song Festers).

Frances Bavier - Aunt Bee

Did You Know?  Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee) liked the real-life town of Siler City, NC so much, she retired there after TAGS.

Did You Know?  Harvey Bullock wrote the most episodes for The Andy Griffith Show (31 scripts), while James Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum tied for second with 29 episodes each.