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A Behind the Scenes Look at


The Andy Griffith Show

And The REAL Mayberry

By Jake Easton
R A D O K   N E W S

Mayberry Has Moved!

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Sheriff Andy Taylor played by Andy Griffith

Did You Know?  The Andy Griffith Show was in the top 10 ratings throughout its eight year run, and was #1 when Andy left on April 1, 1968.

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts

Did You Know?  Jackie Gleason never won an Emmy, but his sidekick Art Carney won five for The Honeymooners.

Andy Griffith shared Gleasonís bad fortune, having never won an Emmy either, while Don Knotts - like Carney - won five for The Andy Griffith Show.

Joanna Moore playing Peggy McMillan - Tatum O'Neal's mother

Did You Know?  Joanna Moore, who played nurse Peggy McMillan in four TAGS episodes, married Ryan O'neal and is the mother of child actress Tatum O'neal.

Did You Know?  Suzanne Cupito played Opie's girlfriend, Mary Alice Carter in episode 220, Opie's First Love.

Suzanne later changed her name to Morgan Brittany, of Dallas fame.

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4. Barney and the Cave Rescue
5. Mayberry goes Bankrupt
6. Barney Gets His Man
7. Opieís Newspaper
8. Opie The Birdman
9. The Jinx
10. The Pickle Story

Earle Hagen

Did You Know?  The opening theme song was whistled by the show's music composer, Earle Hagen.

Barney on Litter

"You start with gum wrappers, and then it's paper bags, then newspapers, then tin cans, then rubbish.

First thing you know Mayberry's up to here in litter!  Now litter brings slums and slums bring crime.

Is that what you want to see started here in Mayberry, a crime wave?

Well I don't and I aim to Nip It In The Bud!"

Did You Know?  Each of The Andy Griffth Show episodes were originally 24 1/2 minutes long.

Over time, the networks shortened the show to 22 minutes to allow for increased advertising.

The remaining 2 1/2 missing minutes is cut out of the middle, or in the closing epilogue of each show.